Parul and Greg

Getting Married March 14th & 15th, 2014!

The Wedding of a Lifetime

This is going to be an event you don't want to miss!

Chateau Cocomar

Chateau Cocomar

Chateau Cocomar is breathtaking and all ours… at least for one night. A 38,000 square foot French Castle located minutes from Houston. Prepare to be awed when you arrive–every detail in this beautiful chateau is simply stunning. Rather than trying to describe it, whet your appetite with the video below. If that brief look inside didn’t sate your elegance palette, check out Chateau Cocomar’s website. View Larger Map Cateau Cocomar is located at 14525 Champions Drive, Houston, TX 77069....

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Dr. Khator and Dr. Khator

Dr. Khator and Dr. Khator

Talk about a power couple–you would never guess they had questionable beginnings… “I like her and want to get married to her.” “I don’t want to get married. It is nothing against him, but I am only 18.” They were engaged three hours later and married in 10 days–so began Suresh and Renu’s married life of 40 years (and counting). They found a common passion in education. Equipped with Ph.D.s, the two started their academic careers leading them to their current positions as Associate Dean and Chancellor of the University of Houston respectively. “He is my teacher, mentor and friend. His dreams for me have made me who I am today.” “She is my soulmate, companion and everything that I could imagine as my partner.  She is the glue of our family.” Now that you have seen the videos, check out some excerpts from a recent article about Dr. Renu Khator and Dr. Suresh Khator in Hum Magazine. Kalyani Giri’s article, “Suresh Khator: The Wind Beneath Her Wings” gives...

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Wortham House

Wortham House

The Chancellor’s (Dr.Khator’s) official residence is known as the “Wortham House.” The house was designed by Alfred C. Finn, and built by Frank P. Sterling in 1925 as the “Sterling House.” In 1948, the house was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and later sold to Gus and Lyndall Wortham in 1951. Upon her death in July 1980, Lyndall Wortham donated the property to the University of Houston. The house, located in the Houston neighborhood of Southampton, serves as a facility for small functions or gatherings of the UH System. The chancellor is required by contract to live at the Wortham House. View Larger Map The Wortham House (Khator’s residence) is located at 1505 South Blvd, Houston, TX...

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Stephen and Elizabeth Cohen

Stephen and Elizabeth Cohen

The following is written by Elizabeth Cohen (mother of the groom): One of the email addresses I created for my personal use years ago is “tearsntriumphs.” Yes, tears and triumphs is, in a breath, my depiction of life. It is the bitter tears that make the triumphs all the sweeter. Our ability to struggle and then succeed, gives true value to what we have earned. In that light I share with you a brief view of the many triumphs Steve and I celebrated as we faced our struggles. We are the lucky ones; we have known love and imparted love to our children. Our story : My now lifelong girlfriend, Christine Kispert King, innocently lit the flame that started the romance between Greg’s father and I. All three of us were attending the same local community college in Rockville MD. I had become friends with Chris during our first Math class, she then met Steve during the following math session the next semester. Christine loved to socialize and would...

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The Wedding Party

Meet the wedding party!

Pooja is an inspiration to Parul.

Jason is the best man Greg can possibly imagine.

Leigh Ann is a Southern charmer.

Erik and Greg share an unbreakable ‘bromance’.

Juli is vivacious.

James is a rascal and a good friend.

Haley is the sister Greg never had.

Derin is Parul’s brother, not brother-in-law.

  • Pooja
  • Jason
  • Leigh Ann
  • Erik
  • Juli
  • James
  • Haley
  • Derin

Bride, Groom, and Dog

Our little family-to-be!




  • Loving Riley 100%
  • Glaucoma Surgery 98%
  • Being Beautiful 97%
  • Loving Greg 91%
  • Cleaning Dishes 12%



  • Loving Parul 100%
  • Marketing 87%
  • Loving Riley 85%
  • Snoring 84%
  • Doing Laundry 6%



  • Loving Steak 100%
  • Getting Into Trash 92%
  • Loving Parul 84%
  • Loving Greg 83%
  • Being Brave 4%